Showcasing Our Work

Below is a selection of a few different breeds we’ve had through the salon. Additional photo’s can be found on our Facebook page:FB_FindUsOnFacebook-144

Elsa – The Border Terrier

Elsa came to the salon with a very waxy & oily coat.

Her owners wanted us to give her a good soaking and wash out the oil to get her coat back to feeling clean and tidy.

We gladly obliged and gave Elsa a thorough rinse off to clear away the oil, a long soak in shampoo, and followed up with a conditioner treatment to bring out the colour in her coat.

Once we’d dried her off, it was time to brush & comb through her coat to remove any tangles and take away any remnants of the muck that were left over from bathing.

To finish we hand-stripped her main coat, and made sure she had a pedicure to make her nails look beautiful!

Buster – The Miniature Schnauzer

Buster came to the salon looking very much like a teddy bear!

His owners preferred his coat to be short, neat and tidy, and liked Buster more of a Terrier style than the breed standard.

So, after a nice soak in the bath and a brush to remove the tangles to make his coat silky smooth, we gave him a short clip all over.

To finish off we scissor-styled his beard and eyebrows to show off his handsome looks!

Alfie – The Yorkshire Terrier

Alfie was very timid and shy when he came to us.

As an older chap, his owners highlighted that he had some problems with his skin which meant we would need to take extra care in bathing and brushing him to prevent sores.

After a gentle soak in the bath, using a dermatological shampoo to soothe his skin, we gave him a complete clip all over to shorten out his coat for easier treatment of his sores by his owner.

A pedicure to round off his nails and a hand trim of his beard and face, completed the groom.

Cassie – The Long Haired German Shepherd

Cassie came to the salon after her owners had found it difficult to get her into other salon’s due to her size.

Always up for a challenge at Scruffies (we love big dogs!!) – we were happy to offer our help.

As Cassie is a long-haired German Shepherd her coat is ‘double coated’. The main challenge was to ensure that this double/undercoat is properly groomed, without damaging the upper coat.

Cassie had a nice soak in the bath and after feedback from her owners, we used a specialist medicated shampoo to help her skin & coat.

The bulk of the work involved correctly drying & brushing out the undercoat using specialist tools to make sure we kept her upper coat looking fab! Cassie seemed to enjoy being brushed and loved the dryer on her coat.

After a styling trim around her face and tail, we polished up her nails and the results speak for themselves!

Button – The Springer Spaniel

Button and his best mate Fudge, joined us for the morning for a wash and tidy up.

Old hands at going to the groomers, they were both very well behaved and a pleasure to have in the salon.

After a long soak in the bath for them both, we hand dried and detail brushed out their coats to make them look fantastic.

We then clipped around their paws and pads, rounded off their nails and tidied up their ‘feathers’ & tail to finish.

Murphy – The Bichon Frise

Murphy was our first full groom of a Bichon Frise and also happened to be the personal pet of my trainer – so no pressure!

We started with a soak in the bath using a specialist ‘whitening’ shampoo to enhance & bring out the colour in his coat.

As is fairly common with the ‘Toy’ class of dogs, Murphy had some staining around his eyes, so we treated him to a lovely blueberry facial scrub.

After thoroughly drying, we clipped his coat and then hand styled his face and tail.

Despite his reluctance, we finished off with a pedicure thankfully to the delight of his owner!