Terms & Conditions

As A Responsible Groomer, We Expect Customers Using Our Services To:

  • Ensure prior to each grooming session that their pet is fit & healthy and correctly vaccinated.
  • Understand that Scruffies will not be held liable or responsible for any injury or mishap caused during the grooming process by non-disclosure of a pet’s medical condition(s) or behavioural needs.
  • Be aware that Scruffies primary concern is the welfare of their customers pet(s) and, should there be any issues or concerns whilst a pet is on the premises, they will attempt to contact customers using the details they have previously provided.
  • Appreciate that in the event of an emergency (illness or injury) a vet may be sought. Unless it can be clearly shown that Scruffies are wholly responsible, all associated costs with this instruction will be at the customers expense.
  • Understand the need to maintain their pets coat between grooming sessions. Should a pets coat become densely matted a ‘Clipping Off’ of affected areas may be needed to minimise the stress and discomfort of the animal, for which an additional charge is payable. The ‘Clipping Off’ process will change the look and feel of the pets coat whilst it grows back.
  • Be aware that if a pet is overly aggressive or attempts to bite any person or other pets, a muzzle may be used and/or treatment stopped if at the discretion of Scruffies , it is unsafe to continue. Payment for all works completed to that point, plus the full costs of all damages and expenses that the pet has caused, will then become due.
  • Appreciate that fees are charged on a per appointment basis, for the time and materials supplied in the care of their pet(s). An estimate will be provided for each grooming session, but should, during the grooming process, it become clear that additional works will be required, Scruffies will contact each customer for their consent to continue.
  • Ensure that they are available to collect their pet(s) at the end of each appointment and understand that all service fees are payable upon collection. Should a customer fail to collect their pet(s) as agreed and/or fail to promptly pay charges due for appointments, that they will be liable for all extra costs incurred by Scruffies and may be refused future appointments.

As Part Of Our Registration Process, New Customers Will Be Asked To Sign A Declaration Form Giving Consent For Scruffies To Work On Their Pet(s) And That They Acknowledge The Conditions Above

Details of how we use customer information and Data Protection can be found on our Privacy Policy page.