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At Scruffies we pride ourselves on providing a professional, caring service for your pets. We have invested many hours into establishing our business and ensuring that we follow best practices by both keeping our skills current through training, and knowledge up to date by membership of the British Dog Groomers  & British Isles Grooming, Trade Associations.

We strive to keep our service prices low but give your pet the highest quality care – all our services are charged on a time & materials basis, but with the huge range of pets it can be very difficult to give a generic price to each and every breed.

However, listed below are the average prices of our most popular services along with a description and example breeds which should give a good indication of costs for similar pets.

As part of every new customer induction we fully discuss your exact needs and style options to give you a firm price before we commence any grooming session.
If you are looking for a service that isn’t listed or you have a bespoke request, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

Relaxing Bath & Massage

A nice soak in our specially designed pet bath, we only use animal safe shampoos, conditioners and cleaning brushes – all applied by hand so we can make sure we get all those lovely bubbles & soap suds working deep down, right into the coat.
A great time to check each pet from top to tail and get a good understanding of their overall health & wellbeing.

Detail Brush & Blow Dry

Using fresh towels and special warm air dryers we can really tease out knots & tangles, buffing and fluffing each coat to a shinny clean finish.
A key part to each grooming session, using hand brushes & suitable techniques, we make sure we allow each pet to receive quality 1-on-1 time – this really helps a great deal in aiding them to relax, remain calm and keep safe.

Grooming Clip & Style

For our popular most popular package we include a trim for the main coat, a hygiene clip around sensitive areas , and hand scissor styling to create the desired look. A light pedicure and some conditioning cologne to finish, helps ensure that each pet leaves looking, feeling and smelling fantastic!

We Also Pet Nails

From £5.00

Our Pricing

When it comes to pets – especially dogs – there are wide variety of classifications and guidelines of what makes a ‘Breed Standard’. But, just like their two legged human companions – we’ve learnt that so often each and every dog has it’s own personality, it’s own behaviour traits and it’s own experiences with grooming, that challenges us to try and tailor each & every session specifically to your pet.

As an example, the so-called ‘Cross’ or ‘Hybrid’ breeds such as the Cocker-Poo, are an increasingly popular family pet and it is easy to see why – a loyal intelligent breed, crossed with a sturdy double coated breed recognised for it’s resilience and ‘non-shedding’ features, they make great companions.

From a groomers perspective however, the nature of each cross-breed can vary greatly; In the Cocker-Poo example will they be more like the Spaniel with smaller build and sleeker, finer coat – or perhaps they will be larger with tightly densely packed curls – or possibly even almost completely Poodle like save for long shaggy Spaniel ears?

Rather than provide a prescriptive price ‘per Breed’ our approach is to price more fairly on a time & materials basis – below you will find our tiered pricing list for each of our packages, along with some additional detail and examples.

Overview: Our Basic Tier pricing is applied to the common Small/Medium sized breeds, usually with short or very fine hair, or perhaps even very good previous grooming experience and well maintained coats. These pets will be relatively straight forward to handle by a single groomer, have quick drying coats or perhaps merely require a freshen up between regular grooming sessions.

Timescale: At this tier appointments are usually completed within an hour.

Previous Examples: Jack Russells, Staffordshire Terriers and Miniature strains of some of the larger breeds.

Other Information: Our introductory Puppy packages are also similarly priced.

Overview: An increase in difficulty or complexity over the Basic Tier, the Intermediate group are generally larger and range from breeds recognised as a medium to large size. Alternatively they may be more complex cross-breeds or indeed have behaviour or additional support needs. Whilst still likely able to be managed by a single groomer, all the pets at this tier will require additional time to complete, be that due to their physical size, or complexity of their coats, additional bathing and drying time is to be expected.

Timescale: Appointments at this tier are usually completed within 1hr 30mins.

Previous Examples: Majority of standard Spaniels, Poodle cross-breeds (e.g. ‘cockapoo’) Schnauzers, and West Highland Terriers.

Other Information: Currently our most common tier at Scruffies.

Overview: The Advanced Pricing applies to very large or difficult pets that may require an additional person to assist with lifting and safely support them through the grooming session. Typically these pets will likely require extended drying periods or additional brushing techniques such as for the ‘Double Coated’ breeds.

Timescale: These sessions are more physically involved, often require additional supplies or equipment and usually last around 2hrs – 2hrs 30mins.

Previous Examples: German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, Large Labradors

Other Information: Pre-booking is essential to ensure that sufficient time & space is available for your pet. A small deposit may be required to secure the booking for new customers.

Overview: Whilst we specialise in the grooming and care of pet Dogs, we occasionally receive requests for assistance with more unusual pets such as Giant Dog breeds, pets that need additional support following treatment/surgery or perhaps even simply helping customers (with support from their vets) in applying medicated lotions/creams etc.
What every your needs we’ll try our very best to help if we can and are happy to offer a bespoke price on request – feel free to get in touch with your specific requirements.

Previous Examples: Bernese Mountain Dogs, Long Haired Cats, Bouvier des Flandres.

We Accept Payments

  • Full Groom Service:

    Inclusive of our Bath & Brush package, the Full Groom service adds a main coat trim, a hygiene clip of the sensitive under areas, scissor styling to your preferred look and a light pedicure to finish. Trimming around the ears & beard along with shaping or thinning the tail & leg feathers can also be included at your request.

  • Basic Tier From £25
  • Intermediate Tier From £32
  • Advanced Tier From £60
  • Specialist Tier £On Request

Overview: We are currently reviewing our Full Grooming pricing details to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

In the meantime if you have any questions or queries we’d be happy to help – please feel free to Contact Us directly.

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